We are the Bullock family.  In the Summer of 2017 we decided to get rid of everything we own (well, almost everything) and move into an RV to travel North America and eventually the world, maybe even the universe.  Our adventure begins in March 2018 in Utah and we look forward to all of the things this adventure has in store for us.

A Quick History

Jacob and Christina met in junior high school and officially became an item the summer before 9th grade.  The young romance didn’t make it past the 10th grade, but they gave it another go in college!  Sadly the sophomore year curse got them again. After more than three years apart, Christina sent Jacob an email on myspace. Six months later they were married. After 3 and a half years they decided it was time to trade in the freedom of being a young married couple for parenthood and 9 months later Christina gave birth to their first daughter.  Every couple of years another daughter joined the mix until their were four.

Before #4 was born we left our native homeland in Southern California and sought a simpler life in Salt Lake City, UT. Without an expensive California mortgage burdening us down and our lease in Utah coming to an end, we started to look at how we could travel more with the kids while still working and homeschooling.  After careful consideration we decided to buy a Class A motorhome and travel across North America.

Goals on the Road

1) Explore all the things. All. The. Things.
2) Learn to live with less.  Less things, less comfort, less assurances. We believe this will stretch us as humans.
3) Education. Not only will we homeschool our four children, but we want to continue our own education as well. Life experience is the best teacher and we have grown stagnant in our pursuits. We want to read more, see more, do more, and experience more.
4) Become closer as a family.  We are already a very close family, but as our kids get older we want to find ways to strengthen our bonds even more.  We can get lost in the daily grind of work, school and life and miss huge opportunities to care for each other and we hope living simpler will allow us more of this time.
5) Serve the communities around us.  We are a family that loves to serve and we want to do more of it.  We want our children to grow up looking for ways to care for others and to be comfortable to go to uncomfortable places and care for those in need.  As we travel we want to find opportunities to serve people and learn from them as well.
6) Spread the Gospel of Jesus.  The most important thing we can do on this earth is introduce people to Jesus Christ. We believe this is done through meeting people where they are in life and meeting felt needs. God does not need humans, yet he chooses to do his work through us and we hope to be used in whatever capacity God has for us on this trip.  We have a heart for missions and missionary care and would love to connect with local churches to speak about these passions.

More About the Fam

Jacob: I am completely outnumbered in the house, and completely blessed by every minute of it.  I work remotely as a software engineer.  Right now my focus is as founder / CTO of Oncore (onco.re).  We are building revolutionary tools for teachers and administrators in K-12 schools. Other works can be found at elevenk.net.  I also volunteer time with SIL, an International missions organization, where I am able to use my skills as an engineer to aid in Bible translation world wide.  I love my family, reading, ski / snowboard, snuggling my bride, playing with the kids, and cooking.  I am most looking forward to more time together as a family while we explore new things.

Christina: I am blessed with the opportunity to raise and homeschool our children. When I am not responding to the most recent mommy alarm I enjoy reading, playing with my kids, and smooching my husband.  I love how close our family is and I am looking forward to making new memories as we challenge ourselves as a family and as individuals.

Mouki: I am seven years old and I am the first born which means it is my job to lead the family.  Mom and Dad do alright, but I keep us on the straight and narrow.  It’s a big job, but I am raising my parents well.  I love being the biggest big sister and I love playing with my sisters.  My favorite things are making Dee Dee laugh, reading, skiing, playing music, and archery.  My super hero ability is sucker punching dad.  The thing I am the most excited about is exploring new areas.

Rory: I am six years old and I am just like my mommy in every way except our looks.  I love having so many sisters.  I have to help Mouki keep Mom and Dad in line otherwise it would be chaos. My favorite things are being goofy, reading, hugging my sisters, skiing, helping dad cook, doing dishes, and reading to Dee Dee. My super hero ability is putting my face between my parents while they are trying to talk.   The thing I am most excited about is seeing places I’ve never seen before.

Nena: I am three and I am going to be four on my fourth birthday.  I am an independent woman that never wants to be alone.  I don’t need any help with anything, except when I really do and then I. need right now.  Right now! My job is to make my family laugh and I do that job flawlessly.  My favorite things are pretending I am Hermione Granger, jumping off my bed, being crazy, and waiting for my parents to give me consequences before listening. My super hero ability is getting my parents to change their no to a yes.  I am most excited about sleeping in my own bunk!

Dee Dee: I am only one and already I have assumed the role of dictator in our house.  Before I came along everyone did their own thing.  Now they all do my thing.  My minions have been trained so well that I still have very little use for even speaking words.  My favorite things are mommy, nursing with mommy, holding mommy, mommy holding me, snuggling mommy, sitting in mommy’s lap, and running into mommy’s arms.  My super hero ability is knowing when mommy has moved more than three inches away from me, even while I am sleeping.  The thing I am the most excited about on the trip is mommy holding me.